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Community participation: Ancaster High School

Each year we invite a select number of students from Ancaster High School to use our gym with their classmates in supervised one-hour sessions. We love the youthful enthusiasm they bring each visit and I can assure you they really love coming to the gym. They’re good kids and their teachers have taken great care to explain to them what kind of behaviour is expected and how to minimize disruption to you, our regular customers. Regardless, we can appreciate that some of you may wish to exercise in relative quiet and are not so keen on sharing your space with these energetic young adults. 

Starting in September, monthly schedules of will be posted here detialing when students will be in the facility.

Please note, you are allowed to ask them to vacate a piece of equipment that you would like to use. If you are uncomfortable doing so, please ask the teacher or a member of our staff and they’ll be happy to make the request on your behalf.