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Treadmills, ellipticals, stair mills, and recumbent bikes

Our equipment is state of the art. The most popular machine in our gym is the Cybex treadmill. These 12 horsepower treadmills have TVs, 6 degrees of lift, and a safety clip. Our ellipticals also have TVs and these machines will work both your arms and legs. The ellipticals will work your hamstings, glutes, and your core while you improve your cardio. Another popular piece of equipment is our 2 stair mills. The stair mills have a multitude of programs and a large range of speed. We have 2 types of recumbant bikes at our gym. 2 of the bikes have the same TVs as the treadmills. We also have 3 bikes that face the windows out front. Both types of bikes are easy to use and are great for everyone. All these machines are sure to build your cardio and leg strength.