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Our customers have been saying some really nice things about us and we felt we just had to share.

My wife has completely freaking changed as a person.

She wants new clothes, do her hair more often, she is MAKING HER OWN PROTIEN SHAKES NOW!!

In my opinion my wife is becoming a new woman inside and out.

She actually likes to show off now and dance around the house.

Our marriage feels more full and there is a spark in her eye that I felt was lost a long time ago.

I am truly grateful that my we were able to do this and to see my wife start not only her physical transformation but more importantly her inner one is the moat attractive and beautiful thing a husband can witness.

Thanks to the entire team at heron creek.


I joined this Fitness Gym Tuesday after swearing I would never join another gym several years ago and I am delighted with both your facilities and especially your staff.  I had been a member at Curves Ancaster since 2009 and enjoyed the use of the equipment and the supervision of staff like Pamela Sargent who regularly checked the members on the circuit as we worked out to ensure proper form on the equipment.  The facility was always kept very clean with special attention to the equipment handles and seats several times a day.

I have missed working out and decided to visit Heron Creek Fitness after receiving promotional information from Pamela.  What a delightful experience!  The facility is spotless.  I love the circuit of machines that I can adjust to suit my fitness level and height.  I also appreciate the other equipment that should help improved my cardiovascular function.  The best part has been the staff.  I had a review of the equipment with D.B. one day followed by a detailed coaching by A.T. the next day (via appointment).  A.T. ensured that I knew how to safely use all  the equipment and also that I did not hurt myself using poor form.  He was very patient and provided me with a list of the equipment that I could use including seat, arm, foot rest positions and weights for me to start out with.  He also suggested that I start using the ARC machine for cardio and supervised my use of this machine as well.

I attended on the weekend as well and staff were readily available to assist me when I was confused about adjusting the equipment.  What a wonderful fitness facility for Ancaster.  I am looking forward to a great year of fitness.  Many thanks.

M.B. customer since September 2017

Tiina is an amazing instructor. She is so kind to new members and makes you feel so welcome. Her class is why I joined!

K.C. - Why I love spin

More pound classes with Cassandra, She is Wonderful!

Anonymous - Pound it out

Donna's group strength was fabulous! Thanks so much!

H.M. & P.H. - Donna's the best!

A big thank you to Kelly. There was no instructor for group strength and she trained me on her own instead. So nice! Great customer service Kelly :) (and on your birthday!!!!)

L - "Great customer service Kelly :)"

You and Dawn are doing a wonderful job at the gym....beautiful, clean and organized. I am an independent gym sort of person but recently to help a knee, I have participated in 2 of  Joanne's spin classes......amazing energy, fun and a workout. Very pleasant people in classes and Joanne    I am really happy I stayed and am often passing on to others 

L.I.- "beautiful, clean and organized"
I first came to Heron Creek Fitness in June 2017. I was suffering from double right rotator cuff tears, front and rear. I was in a great deal of pain and discomfort which I had endured from September of the previous year. I consulted with both Andrea Dorman, Bodywise Health and Rehab, and Cameron Smith, Heron Creek Fitness, and we established a training program along with chiropractic treatment to help address the problem.
At first I could not work with weights over five pounds and had difficulty even with the green exercise bands.
Now it is a completely different story. I have full range of motion and very little discomfort or pain.
Andrea is an excellent chiropractor whom I highly recommend. Cameron, well, I can’t say enough about him, his professionalism, attention to detail and his dedication to motivating and encouraging me to refine and fine tune my techniques have resulted in an amazing turnaround for me.
I can drive with no discomfort, I sleep better and my body and mind are in good condition.
In closing, I am totally impressed by not only Andrea and Cameron but I am equally impressed with the friendly courteous reception I receive from Tom, Donna and all other members of the Heron Creek Fitness Team.
Accolades to all.
If you are looking for a friendly place to work out with knowledgeable staff then Heron Creek Fitness is the place for you.
David Anderson

Dear Dawn,

I am sixty years young thanks to my wonderful experience at Heron Creek Fitness. The facility, staff and classes are excellent. I work out several times a week and have never felt better in my life. All the stress and anxiety have disappeared and my energy levels are exceptional. I not only feel better, but I look better too. My workouts are the highlight of my day, and this from someone who had not stepped into a gym until I was in my mid-fifties. Don’t be shy or uncomfortable. The first step is the hardest. Come out, meet the supportive staff and see for yourself.
Thank you Heron Creek!